Service is our main purpose

About DataED



Data Electronic Devices was established in 1980 and has a unique profile to support the Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) industry. As a Tier III manufacturing resource, we continue to expand our global footprint and broaden our reach to support the quality production of high-tech products that enable our customers to go to market efficiently and cost-effectively. Operating in both the United States and China, Data Electronic Devices continues to excel through quality excellence, advanced engineering, and unparalleled customer support. Data Electronic Devices is committed to investing in extensive employee training, cutting-edge technology, and the highest quality customer service. We strive to build and deliver products that will improve the world.

Customer Service

Inside DataED’s corporate culture of collaborative customer partnerships and problem-solving is our extended family of employees. Our company values product excellence and superior customer service.


We pride ourselves on hiring the best people and providing them with the training and resources they need to become leaders and active partners in our customers’ success.

Tools & Technology

We provide our team access to the tools they need to support that success, continually investing in the most advanced, effective technology and manufacturing systems available.

 Mission Statement

Data Electronic Devices is driven to have the world’s happiest employees while in turn delivering the needs of our customers with world class products and services.

 Quality Policy

Employee and customer centricity are at the core of our activities; both are crucial for the continued success of our company. We provide exceptional experiences by:

  1. Creating value and providing high-quality product to our customers.
  2. Continuously improving upon our quality objectives through collaboration, monitoring, and review.
  3. Understanding, addressing, and striving to exceed all stakeholders’ requirements and expectations.
  4. The continuous improvement of our products, services, and management system with a focus on leadership and employee contribution.
  5. Creating and maintaining honest and dedicated long lasting partnerships with our customers and employees.
  6. Promoting our values in an open, responsive, and fun environment

 See DataED’s Quality Policy HERE

Service is our main purpose


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