Aerospace & Defense Industry

End Market

Emerald EMS was established from some of the world’s leading electronics manufacturers of printed circuit board assemblies for the Aerospace and Defense industry and remains committed to nurturing and expanding on our decades-long record of meeting precise manufacturing specifications, premier quality standards and trusted customer relationships in the sector.

Emerald EMS Facilities for Aerospace & Defense

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Product Reliability Quality Control

Mission-critical, high-complexity electronic assemblies and components built for aerospace, defense and security sector customers demand the most rigorous standards for product reliability and quality control, requiring optimal performance even under the most extreme environmental conditions, such as extreme heat or cold, altitude and high vibration conditions.

Emerald EMS has a proven record of results

When the stakes for product quality and reliable performance could not be higher, you can count on the cumulative decades of engineering experience and proven record of results that Emerald brings to every stage of your project, from product design assistance and New Product Introduction (NPI) to assembly, testing and distribution.

Electronics Manufacturing Services

Advanced Capabilities, Teamwork,
Quality & Reliability

Aerospace, Defense & Security

Emerald has extensive experience at all stages in the engineering, production and testing of numerous products and components used in military and aerospace technology.

Manufacturing Facilities

Advanced Capability

Offering advanced-capability manufacturing facilities strategically sited in four U.S. locations as well as our Shenzhen, China, facility, Emerald has partnered with our aerospace and defense sector customers to produce high-speed data encryption units, control systems for unmanned vehicles, navigation systems, surveillance and imaging systems, radar systems, black boxes, fuel vapor detection modules, flight control computers, weaponry and avionics.  Three of our four domestic locations are AS 9100 certified with our fourth location scheduled for Q3 2021.

Customer Success Team

At Emerald, your product or program will be assigned to a dedicated Customer Success Team, consisting of experienced systems engineers and supply chain and logistics experts, all working collaboratively with you to develop a plan to bring your product to market, on-time and within budget, and ensuring its implementation, from concept to delivery.


Quality & Reliability

Defense and aerospace products must perform without fail in the most extreme of environmental conditions, and Emerald’s seasoned engineering and skilled manufacturing teams have the expertise to ensure your product is in conformance with the most rigid quality control standards.




In response to customer requirements for high-reliability assurance, our AS 9100-certified production facilities are equipped with the most advanced coating and sealing technologies, including conformal coating, epoxy, or potting solutions.

Conformal coating protects printed circuit board assemblies from harsh environmental conditions, such as dust, moisture, exposure to chemicals and extreme temperatures.

Depending on the type of material, thickness and coverage required, conformal coating may be applied by machine or hand and provides the following levels of protection to meet customer requirements:

  • HumiSeal UV40
  • HumiSeal 1B73
  • HumiSeal 1A33
  • HumiSeal 1B31

For high-reliability products that require more protection than afforded by conformal or epoxy coating, utilizing an encapsulated electronics-grade potting material will give your electronics assembly extreme protection against the harshest of environments.

Emerald’s potting methodology is designed to ensure a high level of protection against tampering and reverse-engineering.

Since potted assemblies cannot be serviced or repaired, both pre- and post-testing for your potted assembly is essential.

Potting molds can be supplied by the customer or designed in-house by one of our experienced systems engineers based on customer specifications.

In most cases, the potting Emerald performs uses a standard material Epic Resins S-7302 medium durometer urethane. Emerald also has experience utilizing epoxy, urethane and other gel-type encapsulants.

Quality Control

Test Engineering Team

Meeting Standards

In order to meet quality and performance standards, many products and systems produced for the defense and aerospace industry require extensive testing and quality control solutions.

Since many of these military and defense products require robust PCB testing solutions, we also offer environmental testing in-house, including Shock & Vibe Testing, Thermal Cycling and Burn-In testing.

Emerald’s Test Engineering Team will design and build any necessary custom tooling or fixtures required to fully test your defense and aerospace PCB assembly or system.




At Emerald EMS, nothing is more important than maintaining the faith and confidence of our customers. At Emerald, we understand the importance of ensuring product reliability and performance under the most extreme conditions.

To ensure our ability to provide our aerospace-defense industry customers with the most stringent quality guarantees, Emerald has obtained all appropriate certifications that are necessary for circuit board assembly manufacturing in this sector.

Emerald customers have access to three AS9100C-certified manufacturing facilities in the United States, conveniently sited to offer our customers geographic flexibility and alternatives, as well as to our Shenzhen, China, facilities.

Emerald also is proud to hold a a Certificate of Conformance with NIST 800-171 guidelines for unclassified information as a non-government entity. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) established information security standards, guidelines, and minimum requirements for federal information systems.
In addition, Emerald maintains ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation) certification, confirming that we adhere to stringent national and international manufacturing requirements for equipment, services, and data involved in the production of defense-related materials. ITAR certification is required for any company that manufactures defense-related products. Emerald’s ITAR certification is updated regularly to ensure manufacturing requirements reflect changes in the current political and security climates, as well as the most recent technologies. The ITAR certification is administered by the U.S. State Department, which controls the import and export of defense-related equipment, materials, and electronic products.
Aerospace & Defense

Secrecy, Security & Trust

Electronics Manufacturing

Emerald EMS is proud to be a leading producer and electronics manufacturer of military and aerospace electronics products and assemblies and of the confidence our customers have shown in us by allowing us to serve in this critically important function.



In order to foster our customers’ trust, Emerald offers a comprehensive system of personnel training, product testing, quality control and documentation designed to provide our aerospace-defense and security industry customers with a turnkey manufacturing project.

Emerald’s engineering team brings decades of design, manufacturing, and testing expertise to every product that we assemble. In order to meet the stringent requirements of military and aerospace PCB assemblies, our engineering team will fully vet your documentation package, leaving no specification unturned. Additionally, our Component Engineering Team will work hand-in-hand with our Supply Chain Team in order to help support and mitigate any obsolete, end-of-life components used on your military, aerospace or security-related PCB assembly.




Emerald also offers comprehensive traceability for every product we produce, particularly useful in meeting the stringent requirements of aerospace and defense-sector customers.

Traceability refers to the process of tracing electronics throughout every step of the assembly process and tracking the location of the circuit board or other product through a recorded identification system. Traceability is important in electronics manufacturing to reduce risks and errors throughout the process. Advanced traceability capabilities during manufacturing will better regulate product quality and help to ensure the safety and reliability of the electronics. The best traceability systems will track not just the finished circuit board, but every component used during assembly and also provide information about the product in real-time. By utilizing this advanced traceability technology, Emerald helps our customers avoid costly mistakes or product failures.