CEO Vic Giglio Talks Expansion, Services and Solutions

Future Expansion

CEO Vic Giglio shares plans for Emerald EMS, including growth and expansion in an exclusive interview, with Editor-in-Chief of Global SMT and Packaging, Trevor GalbraithEmerald EMS recently outgrew its previous investment partners and is now part of Crestview Partners out of New York. Despite the ambitious growth goals, Emerald EMS strives to maintain the deep customer intimacy of a tier-three electronics manufacturing services provider. A billion-dollar tier-three, as Giglio calls it.


Supply Chain Initiatives

Giglio also spills some strategies and secrets to overcoming sourcing challenges. An example is the current component shortages. One significant benefit of the new investment partnership is its financial capabilities. Emerald EMS is also scaling its supply chain by consolidating the spending among all of our entities. Another essential factor of Emerald EMS’s ability to manage supply chain constraints is its problem-solving nature.  


Solution Providers

Emerald EMS is value-driven, ensuring white-glove service to key OEMs. According to Giglio, we provide services that many tier-ones and the tier-twos do not want to entertain. “We’re primarily solution providers,” Giglio said.


New Talent for New Technology

As for Emerald EMS’s commitment to its employees, Giglio says that The Company strives to stay up-to-date with the latest employee training as technology advances. However, Emerald EMS is always in need of new talent to manage this new technology. “I love doing the internships,” Giglio said. “It brings energy into the company, it brings creativeness, and I love the questions they have. It makes the engineers on staff really start thinking,” Giglio added. 

CEO Giglio looks forward to seeing how Emerald EMS expands to its fullest potential. View the whole interview to learn more about Emerald EMS’s comprehensive suite of services, expansion strategy, possible new locations, supply chain secrets, our new investment partners, and our industry experts.


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