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Keep it Moving: Purchasing and Supply Chain Benefits

Want to know what makes the Emerald EMS purchasing and supply chain different from other 

EMS companies? Here are some of our differentiating characteristics.

Tailored Supply Chain Solutions

We all know the old saying about walking in another person’s shoes to understand their struggles. Learning everything about you and your product is the only way to truly understand your challenges. We strive to learn and understand your business so that we can act as an extension of your organization and offer you the best solutions for your business.

Vendor Relationships

Our teams focus on our customers’ short-term and long-term needs. We understand the importance of treating our supply base partners with respect and thus have built solid, long-standing relationships with our suppliers. As a result, our customers benefit from preferred part availability, stocking solutions, and pricing.

Proactive Inventory Management

The support you receive from our supply chain management team allows for complete transparency with real-time data. We regularly monitor supplier inventory availability and look for ways to get components without raising costs. Additionally, we utilize our systems and tools to quickly identify long lead times and obsolete parts to ensure on-time delivery. This insight helps manage cost and provides the convenience of just-in-time inventory management.

Strong Communication

Communication is the foundation of our relationships. We value consistent and transparent communication with our reputable global suppliers. This communication helps us be more effective, efficient, and responsive to the supply chain that focuses on you. Our systems, tools, and daily evaluation of your products keep you directly connected with our global suppliers to make sure we can mitigate and avoid any surprises.


Our purchasing staff is part of your Customer Success Team.  We execute to your demand with a local, on-site team of buyers as well as leverage our corporate structure to optimize the cost and delivery commitments from our supply chain partners.  Our Customer Success Teams are obsessed with delighting our customers and are trained and structured for optimal flexibility and responsiveness.  Our end-to-end solutions allow us to be with you through each phase of your product’s life cycle to ensure your success.

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