Quality Assurance You Can Count On

At Emerald EMS, we listen to our Customers’ needs. We know how important Quality Assurance is and how to provide responsive, innovative, and cost-effective manufacturing and fulfillment solutions. Our many certifications demonstrate that our entire system is validated for compliance to ensure appropriate processes are in place and effective. This reduces risks and mitigates costly non-conformances. It also shows that we have the right people with the right skill set to achieve the needed certifications. Thus, allowing our customers to know our operations standards.



Our certifications are essential because of the types of industries we build for. All of our facilities are ISO9001 certified, and the pinnacle of our accreditations is our Nadcap certification. ISO 13485 allows us to produce products for the medical industry, and AS9100 allows us to produce products for the aerospace, space, and defense industries.  


Employee Training

Our employees are certified to IPC-A-610 for workmanship acceptability, IPC-JSTD-001 (including the Space Addendum) for soldering criteria, and IPC-771/7721 for rework assembly requirements. We also have certified trainers in-house for all of these standards to certify and recertify our staff members on an ongoing basis. 


The level of quality training we provide to our employees ensures that your product is in compliance with the needed specifications. Additionally, we educate our employees on the latest technology and reliability essential for manufacturing your products. The quality of the product matters; it is at the core of our business, and it is our highest priority. 


Quality Control

Quality control is essential when building a successful partnership to meet your expectations and standards. These quality standards are crucial to mitigate risks during the manufacturing process. Emerald EMS implements Quality Assurance measures at each product development and production stage to ensure that products meet or exceed your requirements. At Emerald EMS, we will work with you to develop a customized and effective Quality Assurance plan. One that streamlines the production and testing processes and reduces your time to market.


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