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About Saline Lectronics

Dedicated to Exceeding Any Challenge You Might Have

About Saline Lectronics

We are customer-centric. We demonstrate exceeding flexibility. We solve the most complex, technical challenges.

We’re just a group of honest, hard-working individuals with Midwest values who really enjoy the fast-paced, challenging nature of electronics assembly. Since our inception in 2002, our executive management team has focused on acquiring passionate, talented, and technically-oriented team members to help drive our organization. Thanks to the synergistic energy created within our work environment, we have successfully partnered with a wide range of truly remarkable clients.

It’s simple – without our clients we wouldn’t exist. Which is why we center our business plan around you. In order to remain as a competitive force within electronics assembly and stay the go-to choice for our partners, we are optimized for flexibility, conditioned to be proactive, and solutions-oriented in the face of complex challenges.


We think it’s important that you understand exactly who we are, and why we are the perfect Electronics Manufacturing Service provider to assemble your products.

Provide Electronics Manufacturing Services to the commercial medical, aerospace and telematics industries by delivering exceptional quality and value in order to achieve long-term, successful partnerships with our clients.

Saline Lectronics will be recognized and respected as the top Electronics Manufacturing Service provider.

In our pursuit of excellence, we will comply with the requirements of our Quality Management System certifications. The effectiveness of our quality management system is monitored and maintained with key metrics and continually improved to provide world class QUALITY at a competitive cost.

We’re always looking forward in order to anticipate how we can stay at the top of our game and best service your needs.


SMT Lines

110,000 +
sq ft

175 +
Team Members

Our Corporate Video

Don’t just take our word for it.

See what our clients have to say:

Saline Lectronics is the ideal choice to be your electronics manufacturer – especially if you want your product completed within budget, on-time, and to impeccable quality standards.

Inside SL






Lean Initiative

At Saline Lectronics, we’ve defined our lean application as Electronics Manufacturing Service provider, simplified.

With our Lean Program we have simplified the complex processes and various nuances involved in high-tech electronic assembly, making it incredibly easy for clients to partner with us. Our Lean Program is specifically centered around the client – their needs, expectations and requirements. Through the application of lean tools and principles, we then customize a program for each customer that encourages clear communication and maximizes success.

Internally, our Lean Program sets a framework for all employees to understand what they need to do in order to make the client, the company and themselves truly successful. It provides the necessary tools to empower employees to improve their own work areas, and also fosters a culture of continuous improvement and forward-thinking.

Why LEAN matters to you

Focus on the Customer

We find out what’s most important to our clients, and then build our manufacturing system around those requirements.

Ease of Doing Business

Each client is assigned a single point of contact, a Value Stream Leader, whom is responsible for the entire product line from start to finish.

Efficient and Clear Communication

Our Lean Program eliminates siloed work departments and creates a team approach that encourages collaboration, transparency and provides a quick turnaround to customer requests.

Lasting Partnerships

Because our lean system is based specifically on the individual client’s needs, a close partnership naturally evolves during the lean program development. Our dogged focus on continuous improvement also illustrates a deep commitment to our client’s success.

We’re proud to say that we are creating a lean, learning organization where each employee is able to contribute simultaneously to our, and our client’s success.

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