Assembly & Manufacturing


Emerald EMS combines decades of electronic manufacturing services, product development and testing expertise of four leading electronics manufacturers: DataED, based in Salem, NH; Saline Lectronics Inc., based in Saline, MI; Bestronics, based in San Jose, CA; and Veris Manufacturing, based in Brea, CA. Combined with the low-cost electronics manufacturing and assembly capabilities of our dedicated Shenzhen, China, facility, our four U.S. manufacturing operations provide our customers with optimal geographic flexibility and convenience.

Emerald EMS Facilities for Assembly & Manufacturing

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Let us help bring your product to market

At Emerald EMS, our experienced customer focus team will work closely with you to provide real-time assessment and adaptation to evolving technologies and regulatory landscapes. Our proven, collaborative working relationship with our customers ensures the focus remains on bringing your product to market quickly, within budget, with consistent superior quality.

Success Team

Once we have determined the most cost-effective manufacturing solution and facility for your project, our customer focus team will closely monitor your manufacturing order throughout our facility. An assigned Project Manager will serve as your internal liaison, providing you with an inside view and ensuring that your requirements are being communicated correctly and timely.


Manufacturing Services

Electronics Manufacturing

Equipped with the latest manufacturing equipment available on the market, Emerald is capable of handling the most challenging PCB assemblies, with extensive experience serving high-reliability end-markets.


Within our lean manufacturing system, we set up each product for manufacturing in the most ideal process flow for that unique end-product. Whether that means PCB x-ray inspection for tight BGA placements, or selective soldering of components on a customized pallet, our customer focus team will create a specific manufacturing plan to meet the requirements of your unique product.

Whether your PCB assembly is a simple, 4-layer board with only surface mount assembly (SMT) components and Class 2 requirements; or a Class 3, complex 20-layer board with mixed-placement technology and specific thermal requirements, we’re the Electronics Manufacturing Service provider to assemble it for you.



In response to rapidly changing market conditions and product demands, Emerald offers a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, including the ability to produce components fitted to irregular three-dimension housings or to withstand intense vibrations using flex and rigid-flex solutions for printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs).

Emerald EMS'

Assembly Services

For Electronic Manufacturing

Emerald offers a wide range of assembly services, including turnkey and consignment services, tailored to our customers’ unique requirements, supply chain and distribution specifications.

Emerald’s Surface Mount Technology Department is arranged precisely to react quickly to changing client requirements while still delivering an exceptional quality product. Each line shares the same process flow, equipment and programming software giving us ultimate flexibility when scheduling your product’s assembly.

Emerald’s SMT Department is equipped with the latest manufacturing tools available including DEK Horizon’s Solder Paste Inspection tools, Juki’s high-speed placement machines, and Mirtec’s laser Automated Optical Inspections. In addition, to help maximize quality efficiencies Cogiscan’s TTC System is supported on all five of our lines.

Due to the majority of SMT defects originating in the printing process, before placing one single component on a PCB, our stencils are verified through a Solder Pace Inspection (SPI) Machine checking solder coating, thickness, aperture, as well as the printing press and speed. Data recorded on our SPI machines is linked directly to our AOI’s allowing us to quickly investigate and analyze any concerns or failures.

Our high-speed Juki lines can place an average of 66,000 components per hour and support placements as small as 01005. Each pick and place machine is equipped with smart feeders embedded with RFID technology that allow our SMT Team to automatically marry each reel to the appropriate feeder. This technology not only ensures that all of the reels are loaded in the proper location, but also helps to minimize changeover time with a 10-minute, low-level warning system that alerts when a reel needs to be replaced.

Each line is equipped with a seven-zone Heller oven configured with KIC Profiling software in order to create customized, optimized profiles for each electronic product. In order to select the ideal oven temperatures, our SMT Team will program soak times, peak temperature to liquid solder, cooling times, etc. into the KIC software.
Beyond our standard inventory program, we also have a Juki ISM 2000 Fortress to house critical components. This Fortress is linked directly with our MRP system and will automatically pull the required SMT components for a specific job. In addition, the Fortress registers the MSD requirements for each part and will signal an alert to our technicians when a reel has been out for too long. For enhanced traceability, the Fortress is linked directly to our Cogiscan TTC System.

Assembly Electronics & Components Include

Cable & Harness Assembly

Fan Trays


Power Panel Assemblies

Key Pad Assemblies

Box Builds


Medical Devices

Emerald EMS'

Comprehensive Quality Control

For Electronic Manufacturing

Emerald EMS operates under ISO9001 quality standards, the most widely recognized quality management system used in industries of all sizes throughout the world. Registration to ISO9001:2015 Standards demonstrates that Emerald has implemented an effective quality management system with a strong customer focus.

Optical Inspection (AOI) Systems

To ensure correct placement of SMT components

  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

    Emerald’s expert quality control process ensures that every single SMT component is 100% inspected on an Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) verifying solder quality, part markings, pad placement, and solder joints in order to guarantee quality of all SMT placements. Each AOI shares software and offline programming capabilities, giving us ultimate flexibility to examine your product at every step of the manufacturing process.

  • Automated Functional Test Fixtures

    In addition to supporting each of the different types of PCB testing requirements, including functional, in-circuit testing (ICT) and flying probe testing, Emerald also designs, develops and builds automated functional test fixtures with thorough procedural documentation.

  • Component-Level, Circuit Assembly & Fully Assembled Unit Testing

    Emerald’s product test development services include component level testing, circuit assembly testing, fully assembled unit testing, or if needed, all three.

  • On-Board-Circuit Programming (for easy updates)

    Emerald’s Test Department also supports on-board in-circuit programming, making it much easier to apply any updates to programming software during production. Our team offers the ability to test software updates in-house, providing immediate feedback on any changes to the functionality of circuit board assembly

Emerald EMS

PCB Testing

Comprehensive Services Include
Automated optical inspection (AOI) eliminates the subjectivity and variability occasionally associated with manual visual inspection. AOI is integrated into the automatic PCB assembly process in order to provide 100% Surface Mount Technology component placement, polarity orientation and solder-joint inspection. In addition to AOI, our inspection technicians are highly trained in detecting the slightest imperfections.
Our PCB assembly testing specialists are trained to implement the most advanced circuit board testing options available. We support different types of ICT programs and in-circuit testing equipment in order to ensure that the circuit-by-circuit operational test of the assembly is correct.
For prototype or smaller volume runs, Emerald also supports Flying Probe testing with the latest technology available on the market. Our new Seica Pilot 4D V8 Flying Probe Tester offers maximum coverage and flexibility with updated vertical architecture to probe both sides of the circuit board assembly simultaneously.
Emerald operates many types of sophisticated, automated functional tests that are designed to ensure that your circuit board functions as required–including the ability to test the boards through final production programs to guarantee their proper operation in-market with the intended user.
In addition to supporting each of the different types of testing requirements, Emerald can also design, develop and build automated, functional test fixtures with thorough procedural documentation. Our functional test development process is intentionally flexible, so we can create fixtures based on customer’s requirements.
Emerald’s Testing Department runs customized thermal cycling, burn-in testing, and shock and vibration testing as needed, based on the unique requirements of your product. Our Testing Department is equipped with Thermotron 32 and 16 cubic foot temperature chambers, models S-32C & S-16C, as well as Test Equity fast rate of change temperature chambers, models 3007C & 107 and an Unholtz Dickie FD20812 with slip table that can run random vibration, swept sine vibration as well as shock tests.