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Emerald EMS offers our customers comprehensive product testing and test design and development services customized to successfully commercialize your product and extend its profitability. Emerald will work with you to develop test strategies and methods that allow you to control inventory overruns, increase profitability and accelerate time-to-volume and time-to-market—for every product we build.

Under Emerald’s collaborative program management model, we provide advanced product testing support for the entire lifecycle of your product, from initial pilot and production builds and initial testing, to tooling, fixture and jig design and development, through systems testing and final production. Your project will benefit from Emerald’s cumulative decades of expertise in test design, development and execution, New Production Introduction (NPI) and manufacturing transfer.

Emerald EMS Facilities for Product Testing

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Accurate • Effective • Innovative

Accurate and effective product test design is critical to electronic product cost and time to market and to your product’s ultimate success. That’s why, at Emerald EMS, strategic, effective and innovative test design is central to our electronics manufacturing services.

Testing regimen

In the highly competitive market for electronic products, profitability depends upon your ability to launch products quickly without compromising quality, identifying and implementing needed program or design modifications in response to changing market conditions. A robust, expertly implemented product testing regimen can help avoid risking customer relationships through product dissatisfaction, preventable product failure, unanticipated downtime or costly rework.

Are you leveraging test strategy to maximize your product’s success?

An investment in expert test design yields solid returns by maximizing your product’s chances of success and your peace of mind.

At any phase in the design and development process, or as part of our electronics manufacturing services, test engineering teams in your business units of choice will work with you to develop a test strategy and select test methods that enable you to reduce inventory bone-piles, increase yields and accelerate time-to-volume for every product we build.

Product Testing in

Electronics Manufacturing Services Provider

Emerald EMS offers a wide range of automated test and inspection techniques designed to find defects and add quality, including Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), In-Circuit Test (ICT) systems, Functional Testing, Flying Probe and 3D X-ray inspection.

Emerald has extensive experience in developing and implementing advanced mechanical and electrical test and inspection protocols for complex integrated electronics systems as well as circuit board assemblies.

Emerald specializes in turnkey product development with test design, development and implementation as an integral focus throughout the lifecycle of your product, including initial system risk analysis, design validation and verification, and end-user safety testing.

In addition to supporting each of the different types of PCB testing requirements including functional, ICT and flying probe testing, Emerald also can design, develop and build automated functional test fixtures with thorough procedural documentation. Our test development services include component level testing, circuit assembly testing, fully assembled unit testing, or if needed, all three.

Product Testing

Types of


Emerald EMS offers full testing capabilities, including In-Circuit Testing (ICT) 3D X-ray Testing, as well as full thermal cycle testing for accelerated durability tests, or accelerated life testing, and environmental stress testing.
Emerald’s temperature “stress test” was designed to catch early, latent defects to ensure reliability of products.

Emerald performs functional testing for our customers that involves many types of sophisticated, automated tests designed to ensure that your circuit board or integrated system functions as required—through the lifecycle of your product. Emerald can also design, develop and build automated, functional test fixtures with thorough procedural documentation. Our functional test development process is intentionally flexible, so we can respond timely to our customers’ requirements in changing market conditions.

Emerald’s Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) technology eliminates the subjectivity and variability occasionally associated with manual visual inspection. AOI is integrated into the automatic PCB assembly process in order to provide 100% Surface Mount Technology component placement, polarity orientation and solder-joint inspection. In addition to AOI, our inspection technicians are highly trained in detecting the slightest imperfections.

For prototype or smaller volume runs, Emerald also supports Flying Probe testing with the latest technology available on the market.

In-Circuit Testing (ICT) for printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) are conducted on test fixtures, or “beds of nails,” designed with multiple contact pins to test the reliability and performance of finished electronic products. Emerald’s test design engineers then utilize software programs to perform customized tests designed to identify potential problems.

Emerald EMS offers the most current enhanced testing technologies, including thermal cycling, burn-in testing, and shock and vibration testing based on your product’s requirements. With equipment such as Thermotron 32 and 16 cubic foot temperature chambers, models S-32C & S-16C; Test Equity fast rate of change temperature chambers, models 3007C & 107 and an Unholtz Dickie FD20812 with slip table that can run random vibration, swept sine vibration as well as shock tests, Emerald is able to support the most rigorous testing requirements required by our high-reliability end users.