System Integration


Emerald EMS is your one-stop source for all your electronic system manufacturing solutions and integration.

As a global company built on the foundation of leading domestic electronic manufacturing service providers situated throughout the United States, Emerald offers our customers a wide range of expertise across engineering disciplines, system integration, product development, and system testing.

Emerald EMS Facilities for System Integration

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Let us be your electronics manufacturing & integration experts

From printed circuit board assembly to total box builds, our Emerald Customer Success Team will work with you to devise streamlined, cost-effective integration solutions customized to your specific needs.

System Integration

Our Approach


At Emerald, we approach each system integration project from a “lean manufacturing” perspective, simplifying the complex processes and various nuances involved in high-tech electronic assembly combined into one all-encompassing larger system, making it incredibly easy for clients to partner with us.

Lean Program

System Integration
Our Lean Program is specifically centered around the customer – their needs, expectations and requirements. Through the application of lean tools and principles, our skilled systems integrators then customize a program for each customer that encourages clear communication and maximizes success.
Internally, our Lean Program sets a framework for all employees to understand what they need to do in order to make our customer, the company and themselves truly successful. It provides the necessary tools to empower employees to improve their own work areas and also fosters a culture of continuous improvement and forward-thinking across disparate systems.

Product Realization Process (PRP)

Emerald’s Product Realization Process (PRP) allows us to effectively manage our customers’ projects from concept to delivery using proven processes and lean tools. Every unique project is assigned a cross-functional New Product Introduction (NPI) team to manage and insure a flawless product launch. Your NPI Account Manager will provide timely communication, project visibility, and strong collaboration between your team and ours.

Your dedicated Customer Success Team will analyze and identify unique project requirements to establish your project plan. To ensure all Electro-Mechanical Box Builds are assembled correctly and efficiently, our Mechanical Engineers are engaged to support top-level assembly, assist in Design for Manufacturability/Design for Assembly (DFM/DFA) analysis, support mechanical design changes and help mitigate supply chain-related concerns.
System Integration

Our Methods


At Emerald, our experienced systems integration team analyzes your program for both horizontal integration and vertical integration potentials.


Systems Integration

Using horizontal systems integration, Emerald will ensure efficient communications and interaction between individual machines, manufacturing and testing equipment and/or production units.


Systems Integration

Using vertical systems integration, Emerald will visualize and plan your program so that all elements of your project, from a single component through equipment customization through supply chain and distribution, are integrated seamlessly and effectively.

Utilizing Both

Horizontal & Vertical for Systems Integration

Emerald’s systems engineers employ horizontal integration methods that ensure machinery, facilities and engineering processes work together seamlessly to produce a successful product and meet market demands.

Using vertical integration methods, Emerald translates data from the factory line to inform higher organizational decisions such as engineering, supply chain and program management.



System Integration

Analysis & Requirement Gathering

Technical Design

Project Management

Project Delivery & Testing