Design Assistance & Prototyping

Emerald EMS offers comprehensive, collaborative high-technology product design assistance and prototyping services for customers in high-reliability end-markets, including Medical, Aerospace/Defense, Industrial Controls, Semiconductor and Utilities Infrastructure.

Emerald EMS Facilities for Design Assistance & Prototyping

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We’ll be with you, every step of the way.

From concept to completion, your project will be under experienced program management, sparing you the hassle of untimely conference calls, communication gaps, language barriers and “real time” information gathering.

Full Menu of Design & Prototyping Services

Emerald’s experienced Customer Success Team is ready to work with you at any stage of the product design cycle with a full menu of design and prototyping services, including:

Digital circuit design & FPGA design

Analog design

Industrial and Mechanical design

Printed Circuit Board design

Test Engineering & Strategy


Design for Excellence (DFX) review & analysis

Design Assistance

Electronics Manufacturing Services

We partner with our customers to

Transform Ideas Into Solutions

At Emerald, we partner with our customers to transform ideas into customized product solutions, guided by progressive manufacturing principles, ensuring superior quality, reducing time to market, perfecting electronics manufacturing specifications, producing viable prototypes, and delivering fully realized final products.

Full menu of

Value-Enhancing Design & Prototyping

Emerald offers a full menu of value-enhancing product design and prototyping services for a seamless transition to final production, including:

Rapid Prototyping

New Product Introduction (NPI) Services

Design for Manufacturability

Design for Testing

Prototyping Services

Electronics Manufacturing Services

Emerald’s expert product design engineering team works to compress the development cycle for your product and eliminate expensive and time-consuming design mistakes.

We offer

Comprehensive Prototyping Services

Emerald’s design engineering team offers comprehensive prototyping services, customized to your needs and where your product is in the development cycle, from visual model and proof of concept to working and functional prototypes.


Emerald’s industry-leading New Product Introduction (NPI) facility features the most advanced prototyping capabilities and, just as important, an attitude that fosters speed, flexibility, quality and customer delight.


Emerald’s expert prototyping services offer our customers a competitive advantage and reduce the risk of costly mistakes and production delays.

  • Protecting your budget

    Emerald’s prototyping process offers the opportunity to quickly and easily evaluate cost and scalability across multiple prototypes, allowing our customers to identify the highest quality materials and components at the lowest cost.

  • Product characteristics inspecting

    Our prototyping process helps our customers reassess or confirm the practical value of your product as envisioned early in the design stage.


Quick-Turn Specialists

Emerald specializes in producing quick-turn prototypes—one- to five-day turnarounds—in the early stages of engineering evaluation and functionality testing, with the goal of giving our customers the competitive advantage of bringing their products to market quickly and cost-effectively.

NPI Facility

At Emerald’s industry-leading, 10,000-square-foot New Product Introduction (NPI) facility, our experienced team of Account Management, Procurement, Engineering, Technicians, skilled operators and assemblers are ready to shepherd your new product to market, as well as support walk-ins for those critical repairs and rework that just can’t wait.