Rapid Prototyping

Design Assistance & Prototyping
Our Rapid Prototyping service allows for early identification and correction of Design for Manufacturing and regulatory issues, providing smart feedback to the product development team in real time.

Emerald EMS Facilities for Rapid Prototyping

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Let Emerald be your new product partner

When introducing a new hardware product, a reliable EMS partner who can react quickly and be flexible is essential.


Product Development

Our Rapid Prototyping service allows for early identification and correction of Design for Manufacturing and regulatory issues, providing smart feedback to the product development team in real time.

Design Assistance Support

Rapid PCB and PCBA prototyping

New Production Introduction services at our dedicated New Hampshire NPI facility

Product-optimized, Lower-Cost Manufacturing Options in Shenzhen, China

Strategic Global Sourcing

Consignment, Turnkey & Hybrid Materials Management

Flexible Set-Up Design and Process

Verification & Validation Documentation

Test Strategy, Development & Fixture Design

Manufacturing Transfer, NPI & Production Scale-Up

Cost Effective Rapid Prototyping

Our Emerald EMS New Product Introduction (NPI) center in Salem, New Hampshire, is built specifically to meet that need and is a stand-alone facility with a dedicated team. We operate outside of the constraints of a production environment and work diligently to support our customers’ every need. From same day quotes to 24-hour manufacturing turn-arounds, we are built for speed, and because this environment is our everyday reality, our high quality standards are evident in everything we do. This combination of speed, flexibility and quality execution will enable our valued customers to get their products to market faster and most cost effectively.

Rapid Prototyping

Our Services


Rapid PCB & PCBA Prototyping

Our Rapid PCB sourcing and PCBA Prototype services allow our customers to get their development boards into the hands of their engineering team quickly, so that they can keep pace with their product development schedule. Our ability to quickly develop a manufacturing process and exercise our custom-built, rapid response supply chain and tooling partners helps make up time in the development cycle.

Assembly Process

Emerald’s Rapid Prototype services utilize the most advanced technology, including high-end flex placement, optical inspection, 3D and paste printing cameras and selective soldering equipment. Known for the highest level of technical service, our experienced Customer Success Team provides agile process controls, from component kit check-in to final inspection, as well as seamless project management and effective communications from start to finish.

Rapid Prototyping Benefits

Emerald’s advanced Rapid Prototyping services allow our customers to identify and control costly manufacturing and production delays, reducing time to market and establishing a competitive advantage over the field. 


Advantages of

Rapid Prototyping
Feedback and documentation of all Design for Excellence (DFX) issues, including Design For Manufacturing (DFM), Design For Assembly (DFA), Design for Fixturability (DFF) and Design for Supply Chain (DFSC) issues—before design flaws or unanticipated production line issues impact your product development costs and production timeline.
Emerald’s Rapid Prototyping accelerates the New Product Introduction (NPI) process, taking your product from concept to functional model quickly and providing more lead time for implementation of needed design or production changes.
Emerald’s Rapid Prototyping accelerates the productization process, reducing the time to optimize your product for functionality and design.

Our Rapid Prototyping services offer our customers the ability to develop cost-effective and time-efficient supply chain strategy for their products.

With Emerald’s Rapid Prototyping services, we work closely with our customers to perfect Design for Testability features required for high-reliability end markets.
Rapid Prototyping allows our customers to work out tough design and production issues before they impact the manufacturing and distribution cycles, reducing time to market.
Our customer focus team will shepherd your project at each step, providing a seamless, transparent and fully documented product development process from concept to production.