Customized Product Supply

Order Fulfillment
At Emerald EMS, our goal is to become your partner in managing the complex supply chain logistics and communications details so that you and your company can focus on your core business. Emerald’s customized product supply programs give you the competitive advantage, by maximizing the speed, flexibility and effectiveness with which you bring your product to market, respond to rapidly shifting market demands, and manage costs and inventory exposure.

Emerald EMS Facilities for Customized Product Supply

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Program Benefits
of Customized Product Supply

Informed by decades of experience helping develop marketing strategies for highly technical, high-reliability products and electronics systems, our expertly designed Customized Product Supply programs offer the following benefits to our customers:

  • Provides an optimized order fulfillment strategy and customization options tailored to your unique time-to-market needs, technology maturity and product complexity
  • Ensures continuity of supply for multiple and complex product lines
  • Quickly and easily modify product replenishment frequency or change delivery destinations
  • Quickly and easily increase or decrease orders for PCBAs and/or integrated systems in response to changing market conditions
  • Frees your company’s purchasing and operations teams to focus on your core business
  • Attains and maintains the optimal mix of “‘on-order” and “in-stock” inventory, ensuring smooth distribution and delivery
  • Facilitates advanced planning for demand variability, reducing risk of supply interruptions and inventory overruns

How It Works

Customized Supply Programs

Historically, product supply planning and supply chain management have focused primarily on balancing manufacturing capacity with total production and delivery lead times.

Emerald’s Customized Product Supply programs bring an extra dimension to product supply planning by analyzing each element in your products supply chain, upstream and downstream, from concept to finished product. By identifying and implementing strategic supply chain alternatives, Emerald’s Customized Product Supply model provides our customers with flexible and cost-effective product fulfillment options.

To develop a Customized Product Supply program tailored to your end-market needs, we first analyze your product beginning at the component level. Then, looking forward from product completion, we analyze all aspects of your customer fulfillment strategies, from marketing initiatives and mass production, to cost constraints and evolving product demand, to your customers’ response to your order fulfillment and delivery process.

Informed by this careful analysis, our experts will work collaboratively with you to design a customized product supply program designed to maximize the value and salability of your product.

Once your customized product supply program is in place, every aspect will be monitored and managed day-to-day by your dedicated customer success team, with the capability of responding in real time to supply chain interruptions, market demand and a changing regulatory environment.