Direct Order Fulillment

Order Fulfillment

Leveraging our experienced strategic planning and innovative solutions-development teams, Emerald EMS will work with you to create and implement a robust order fulfillment program tailored to your company, your product development schedule and the markets you serve. 

Emerald EMS Facilities for Direct Order Fulfillment

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Need direct order fulfillment support?

Our direct order fulfillment support empowers you to control materials management and carrying costs, explore emerging markets and provide your distributors and end-customers with advanced delivery solutions.


Strategic Planning

Timely - Efficient - Responsive

At Emerald, we understand that timely, efficient and responsive delivery is key to your product’s ultimate success or failure. With a focus on strategic planning and problem-solving, our dedicated customer success team will work collaboratively with you to determine the type of order fulfilment support that provides the best value to you, based on time to market requirements, production costs and delivery logistics.

Flexible Model For
Direct Order Fulfillment

Emerald’s program management, regulatory expertise across multiple industry sectors and extended U.S. domestic and international production facilities enable us to offer our customers product-specific, scalable and geographically flexible order fulfillment planning and implementation.

Emerald provides Customized Order Fulfillment Programs at every stage of your product’s development and roll-out, including:

  • Board-level manufacturing
  • Board, sub-systems and test, including functional and environmental test and burn-in
  • Direct shipment to distribution or end-customers
  • Integrated logistics and carrier management