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Emerald EMS is your design and manufacturing partner at all stages of your printed circuit board or system’s life cycle, From product concept, design and New Product Introduction (NPI), to assembly, distribution and returns, our hands-on, collaborative model facilitates smooth, timely communications and fast changes when problems are identified or market conditions shift.

Even after adhering to the most stringent design rules, guidelines and post-design verifications, projects sometimes require mid-course design changes to correct misplaced, defective or incorrect components for the application or to make adjustments to the assembly processes, all of which may require manufacturing rework. Managed effectively and responsively, Emerald’s manufacturing rework teams assist our customers in reducing cost overruns, improving the efficiency of manufacturing time and resources to produce higher quality products.

Emerald EMS Facilities for Return & Rework

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What is a manufacturing rework?

In electronics manufacturing, rework is the correcting of initial design errors, defective or failed products or components, or of items that do not meet safety and regulatory requirements during or after final product inspection or implementation. Manufacturing “rework” includes disassembly, repair, replacement, reassembly, and subsequent steps to produce a final, corrected product.

Is your company in need of a rework?

Emerald EMS is here to help.

Why a rework might be needed?

Some of the factors that could contribute to the need for manufacturing rework are:

Machine malfunction

Human error

Design change not communicated
(at all or in a timely manner)

Design change not implemented properly

Product damaged in transit

Product damaged in use


a rework

Typically, a customer requesting rework services will provide documentation and detailed instructions to perform the manufacturing rework, which may include sorting, reworking, washing and repackaging of the product. Customer documentation should also identify the tools necessary for the rework, and the corresponding assembly process, including photos showing what to look for on the affected product.

With Emerald EMS as your partner in developing and producing manufacturing your product, our process control methodology will assist you in identifying the optimal rework process to correct the fault, preparing documentation and ensuring regulatory compliance.


control methodology


Throughout Supply Chain

Timely and effective communications are critical at all stages of the product design and manufacturing process to avoid disruption to production and supply chain. Major revisions in design or manufacturing processes can impact production, training, scheduling and production costs, among other factors. At Emerald, we use sophisticated systems integration techniques to maintain efficient, effective communications channels between the production team and supply chain.

Scrap Management

From Rework

While Emerald’s “lean” manufacturing processes and rigid quality control procedures minimize the amount of scrap typically produced by customer projects, when we receive a product for rework, the corrective manufacturing process sometimes results in excess scrap.