Supply Chain Management


Emerald EMS specializes in designing customized supply chain solutions to speed, streamline, reduce costs and elevate the quality of your electronic products manufacturing and delivery systems.

Emerald’s full array of manufacturing and logistics services are designed to support our customers throughout the entire cycle of bringing a product to market. Emerald’s established networks and global supply chain management practices allow us to efficiently produce superior-quality products, coupled with procurement expertise that leverages strategic supplier alliances to connect our customers with flexible sources and facilitate competitive material pricing.

Emerald EMS Facilities for Supply Chain Management

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Adaptable, Flexible & Responsive

At Emerald, we understand that every product is unique. That’s why we have designed our supply chain processes to be adaptable, flexible, and responsive to the individual requirements of each customer.

Supply Chain

An Extension

of Your Team

At Emerald, our customer success teams become extensions of our customers’ businesses—true partnerships that we hope will endure through the life cycle of your product and beyond to your next innovation, and the one after that.

Emerald’s uncompromising commitment to long-term partnerships offers Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) a highly cost-effective, reliable alternative to developing and fielding their own manufacturing departments.

Leveraging Emerald’s long-term relationships with franchised suppliers also offers our customers superior logistics services for procurement, asset management, production systems and inventory management—at lower costs and reduced lead times.


How It Works

Supply Chain Management

We partner with reputable global suppliers that are also committed to flexibility and open communication. With them we have built an effective, responsive supply chain that is focused on you. Through lean management tools and regular evaluations, we keep our customers directly connected with our suppliers to mitigate any surprises and to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Emerald utilizes Design for Supply Chain principles and technology at all stages of product design, testing and NPI, production and distribution.
Emerald has established global supply chains, reflecting years of partnership with reliable global suppliers that meet our criteria for flexibility and open communications.
Emerald’s supply chain management support utilizes component consignment systems, safety stock programs and established supplier partnerships to ensure assembly and manufacturing of your product proceeds efficiently and flawlessly.
Emerald’s supply chain management services extend throughout the life of your product, including Finished Goods Kanban Programs, warehousing and logistics management.
Emerald supports both in and out of warranty returns for our customers. We can customize and conduct a failure analysis of the return, retest, refurbish, replace and provide you data on the failure.


  • Identifies potential problems

    Utilizing Design for Supply Chain best practices, Emerald’s supply chain management support offers our customers the ability to identify potential supply shortages or delivery delays, avoiding costly production delays and reputation-damaging service interruptions.

  • Optimizes price dynamically

    Emerald’s supply chain management services allow our customers to respond quickly and nimbly to component shortages, delivery interruptions and other changing market conditions, allowing them to incorporate real-time conditions into pricing and marketing calculations.

  • Improves the allocation of “available to promise” inventory

    With Emerald’s supply chain management support, our customers have the real-time data and forecast capabilities to optimize the cost-savings and convenience of just-in-time inventory management.