Never Resting, Always Investing

About Our Company

Veris Manufacturing is a full-service electronics manufacturer with a very unique edge – We do what we say we will! – We know how important electronics manufacturing services are to your company. We know that your EMS provider is normally the biggest budget spend and scrutinized the most. With all the complexities of our business, it is key to have free flowing and open communication, as well as having the tools and skills to keep it all organized. 


About Us

Veris takes a personalized approach to doing business. We focus on our customers’ needs, on a company level, executive level, and even down to a personal level. We feel all facets are equally important. Our goal is to make not only your company profitable, by supplying on time, on budget, and quality assemblies, but also to make your life easier and your manufacturing more reliable. Printed circuit boards are complex and, at times, tedious by nature. Through 35 years of experience, we have found we can make the buying process easier and less convoluted for all by putting the human touch back into our technical world.


Veris Manufacturing was founded in 1987 by an Electrical Engineer named John Ivory. At the time we were called Quality Control Manufacturing or Q C M inc. John and his team concentrated on the thru hole market. The company was then bought in 2001 by Bill McIlvene. Bill’s goal was to take this small thriving business from a “mom and pop” thru hole shop to a World Class Manufacturer. The focus was to integrate cutting-edge technology and documented procedures, without losing the flexibility, communication, and accessibility a smaller shop can provide. To do so, Bill brought in a dedicated team of managers with this same vision and populated our shop with cutting-edge equipment and ideas. In 2020, Veris joined the esteemed and thriving Emerald EMS. By doing so, we have joined forces with other likeminded and world class manufacturers throughout the world. Our goal was to further our capabilities and to add increased value to our customers and their products. To achieve our goals, we have always put an emphasis on further educating our team with the best training and leadership skills to grow our employees and reinvest in our talent pool. We believe that the human aspect of our business is of the utmost importance in order to be successful. We want our employees and customers to thrive in our growing and evolving environment, where quality, honesty and integrity are paramount for success. Through decades of hard work and dedication to our goals, the Veris team have become one of the most respected and dependable Contract Manufacturers for your high reliability and complex assembly needs.

Our Mission Statement

Deliver EMS that provides VALUE to its Employees & Customers by:

  • Maintaining a safe and vibrant work environment that empowers employees.
  • Providing consistent quality services at a competitive price.
  • Conducting business in an ethical manner to develop true partnerships.


Veris Manufacturing’s commitment is to supply our customers with high quality product. We will achieve this through continuous improvement of our quality, processes, and products and by providing a system that empowers employees to make decisions that positively affect the quality of our products.

Here at Veris, we pride ourselves on our Quality. We build quality into our products through our highly trained and dedicated people and standardized, well documented processes. We know this is where the value of a good EMS becomes critical. We have a strict code to never implement a process that does not benefit the customer; this keeps us flexible to our customers needs. In these days where being lean is vital, we are always looking to be efficient and thorough in all we do, to service YOU the customer.

Continuous Improvement

Veris’ goal is to always be on the path of continuous improvement. It is the teamwork of the staff and the empowered employees that make that happen. The measurement system we have in place keeps us focused on what is best for our customers, as we are data driven in our pursuit of excellence. Quality is truly everyone’s job and we know we must build it in our products to be successful. This is the key to our customer’s happiness and keeps them coming back while ensuring their future business.


We are always striving to be the best and most dependable EMS through continuous improvement. We don’t just say this, we do it. We are always looking to be better today than we were yesterday. Veris is constantly and actively working to be the most reliable contractor you have worked with. In order to do this, we are dedicated to working on our qualifications and QMS constantly.


We at Veris believe in giving back to the community, and helping to strengthen it. We are dedicated to supporting both local and national charities and have made it our mission to give back with a goal of at least two charitable events per quarter in an effort to show our appreciation and gratitude.

Our team loves participating in these events, and we always have a great turn out for each one. While Veris donates and works with many of the organizations below, we feel a few touch our hearts and local community more deeply. We proudly support and give year after year to:


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