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Within our advanced production facility, we utilize the latest manufacturing equipment to tackle your most challenging assembly requirements.

Lectronics 4.0

Lectronics 4.0 Connected Factory offers an intelligent manufacturing experience by leveraging M2M communication to offer real-time data and advanced traceability of your PCB assembly.

Our goal is to be recognized and respected as the top Electronics Manufacturing Service provider


With a talented and experienced team of Electrical, Mechanical, Test and Quality Engineers, we offer the most comprehensive assembly and manufacturing support for your products. Whether your PCB assembly is in the infancy stages of a new design, or is in full-swing production as a mature product, our Engineering team will streamline your PCB assembly with thorough manufacturability analyses. With our finger on the pulse of the electronics market, including new component requirements and technological advancements, our team is ready to help you actualize your latest vision.

Supply Chain Management

We have partnered with the leading electronic component suppliers to ensure that parts for your PCB assembly are readily available at a competitive cost and in our facility when needed. With Consignment Stores and Kanban Programs, our goal is to stay flexible to your changing demands. Our responsive supply chain solutions are optimized for agility and flexibility to ensure that we are ready when your PCB assembly requirements change. With the ultimate goal of transparency, we encourage open communication with our customers and suppliers in order to create mutual understanding and trust in this ever-changing global market.

Advanced Traceability

In order to increase quality control, we offer detailed end-to-end traceability of product flow at every step of the electronics manufacturing process. Think of our advanced traceability solution as an opportunity for you to have first-hand insight to exactly what happens to your PCB assembly while being manufactured by our team. Our detailed reporting will make it feel like you were in the factory personally watching your product being put together. As one of the select few electronics manufacturers with this detailed traceability, you can rest assured that your PCB assembly is getting the ideal electronics manufacturing plan that it requires, and deserves.

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